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          Pregnancy & Newborn Session Info

          Pregnancy Session Info

          Every mum to be that has had a photo session with Deanna is delighted that they did it! It may not be something that crosses your mind at the time, but it should! It’s a short period of time in your life that’s so special. Many mums have said to Deanna after their baby is born that they wish they had it done. Don’t be that mum! 🙂

          When is the best time for bump photographs to be taken?  

          We generally suggest that mums schedule the session during the last trimester of the pregnancy, between 30-36 weeks. It’s also nice to include your spouse/partner and your kids in the session.

          How long does a bump photo session take?

          Bump sessions with D Images, whether they are studio photographs or on-locations, will take approx 1 hour.

          Do we need to supply props and outfits for studio sessions?

          We recommend you get a nice white, black and nude bra set for the session. Also any of your favourite outfits you have worn throughout your pregnancy is nice to bring along too. Some mums like to buy personalised gowns and outfits and that is also fine! Deanna also has an extensive range of gorgeous fabrics including lace and tulle that she will wrap your bump in for a soft romantic look.

          Do I need to get my hair and make up done?

          We always suggest to it a nice treat for yourself to look the best when getting your pregnancy portrait taken, so hair and make up is always a nice thing to do for yourself. If you dont have a favourite stylist we can arrange a stylist to come to the studio and do your hair and make up, please contact us for costing details for this service.


          Newborn Sessions

          This is my favourite subject to photograph; how could you not love them! They are only small for such a tiny period of time, then you blink and they are 6 months old! This is what makes newborn photographs so special.

          When is it best to book?

          Please book whilst you’re pregnant, this ensures I can fit you in after your baby arrives. I will reserve a space in the week after you have had your baby to ensure I capture your baby when they are at their littlest! Plus I only take on a limited number of infant shoots a week so I give each client a top quality session.

          When is the best time and age to schedule a newborn session? 

          The optimal time to schedule your newborn session is between 5-16 days old, preferably before the baby is 2 weeks of age. Your little bundle of joy is still very flexible at this age as they are used to being curled up in mum’s belly. You would be surprised how robust they actually are! It is best to contact me during your pregnancy. Your due date can be taken note of and a time frame can be reserved for you. Alternatively if mum or dad contacts me a few days after your tiny tot is born I will do my best to fit you in before your baby is 14 days old.



          What time of day is best and what can we prepare before the session?  

          The best time to photograph your newborn is the time they are most sleepy, the deeper the sleep the better it is as this allows me to pose the bundle of joy without disturbing them from their sleep. Most babies are mid morning or after lunchtime. With the session taking place in your home its best to have your newborn just in a nappy and bundled up in a blanket for warmth before I arrive. Your baby needs to be really well fed before the session starts. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, a full belly makes for a happy baby and most important a sleepy baby!!! The more milk the more comatosed they are, making it easier to position them. Because your newborn will be in their birthday suit 🙂 your house needs to be really toasty and warm! I always say, if your too hot your baby is comfortable. I will bring a blow heater for extra warmth.

          Also I suggest you have baby wipes on hand as your baby will not be wearing a nappy for the majority of their session and accidents are possible.

          How long does a photo session take?  

          Newborn sessions generally last 2-2.5 hours and we will take breaks for feedings and cuddles if need be.

          If you have any other questions or are interested in booking a bump or newborn session please email us through our contact page.

          • Krystina - hello,

            Can you please email me your price list for NewbornsReplyCancel

          • dimages - Hi Krystina,

            I just tried to email you but the email address bounced, could you email me again please.
            [email protected] thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

          • Maggie Skamvougeras - Hi Deanna,

            We met in May earlier this year when you shot my gorgeous Godson, Christopher, for his Christening. My husband and I are expecting our own little one in June 2013 and would like to book in for newborn shots. It may be ahead of time but we absolutley love your work and didnt want to miss out on a booking. Pleased let me know how we go about making a booking.

            Many thanks,
            Maggie Skamvougeras

          • Francie D'Amico - Hi I am due on June 9. Can you send me details? I contacted you on facebook too.ReplyCancel

          • Alexandra Gjorevski - Hi Deanna,
            I’m due on the 5th September, could you please email me a price list and inclusions for newborns.
            Looking forward to hearing from you soon
            Kind regards,

          • rita - Hi Deanna,

            Love your work! My bub is due Christmas day. Will you be working around the Christmas & new year break?ReplyCancel

          • Nicole - Hi, I am keen to understand pricing of new born sessions

          • Leah - Hello! Can I please ask for you to email me your pricing for Newborn sessions. May I also enquire as to your availability around our due date of May 22nd 2014. Cheers, LeahReplyCancel

          • Amie Fadini - Hi there,
            I am interested in having a newborn photo session/ session with my 2 year old. I am due July 11. Could you send me some info re your availability & pricing?
            Many thanks
            Amie Fadini

          • Cara Brosnan - Hi There, this is a very late enquiry with regards to newborn photos and availability as I have only got around to this now. My baby is 11 days old today and I was wondering when your next available slot would be for photography or have we missed the boat from a timing perspective? Thank you. CaraReplyCancel

          • Rebecca - Hi
            could you please email me pricing information for a newborn session please?
            Thanks RebeccaReplyCancel

          • Lala - Hi, I am interested in having a newborn photo session. I am due in october.Can you please email me a price list.

            Thank you.ReplyCancel

          • Susie - Hi could you please send me a price list for your bump and baby shoot?ReplyCancel

          • Amanda - Hi Deanna, love love love your work! I am due on sept 26, was wondering if you could email me your package prices and available dates. Would love you to photograph my newborn baby girl.ReplyCancel

          • Michelle - Hi
            My sister is due on the 9th November…Could you please let me know how much your newborn packages are and if you are available around that time.


          • Michelle - Hi could you please send me the newborn photo session pricing details and let me know if you are available mid November

          • PAOLA - Hi D,
            this is Paola and I am 30 weeks pregnant.
            my due date is December the 12th.
            would you please email me the details of your maternity and newborn photo sessions?
            thank you and have a lovely afternoon.


          • Mary Kozula-Smith - Hi Deanna,

            I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and looking into booking my newborn in for some photo’s when they are born next March. Just wondering if I could get an idea of the packages you offer and what they include for the price. Also would be interested in a pregnancy shoot too, if you could provide me with some prices on that as well.

            Thankyou, look forward to hearing from you

            Kind regards

            Mary Kozula-SmithReplyCancel

          • Megan Davis - Hi,
            I’m 6 months pregnant at the moment, due around March 12 – I’m interested in booking a new born shoot. Please could you let me know your pricing details?

            Look forward to hearing from you soon,

            Thanks & happy Christmas!


          • Larissa Taylor - Could you please send me pricing information for a newborn session? I am due mid July. Also, if the baby is born earlier than expected, is it difficult to book in for the different date or can be accommodated?ReplyCancel

          • Kristina An - Hi Deanna- I was looking to see if you have any availability for a newborn shoot in Feb 2015- our boy is likely to arrive early to Mid February (2nd – 12th February). If you have availabilities around this period woudl you mind sending me your packages available? Also, how do you book in a session when the due date is an approximate (not sure of the process, sorry!).

            Many thanksReplyCancel

          • Marisa - Hi Deanna,

            I was recommended by Trish Chong from Tealily Photography for a newborn session.

            My expected due date is 29th May 2015. Could you send me the pricing for your services and what it includes.

            Thank you.

          • Meaghan - Seeking information on newborn packages. Buying as a baby shower gift for my friends.ReplyCancel

          • Margarita - Hi. I have a 4 week old girl. Would you still be able to take photos? And could i please get a price list?ReplyCancel

          • maria - Hi can you kindly email me your price list

            Thank youReplyCancel

          • Jasmine Sandhu - Please can i get a quotation on the photo session for a new bornReplyCancel

          • Melissa - Hi,

            How much is your newborn photo shoot ?

            Kind regards

          • Christina - Would like to know a price range for newborn and family members, and what areas you do ?ReplyCancel

          • Phoebe - I would like to get the full price list on newborn photo shooting. And, does it include all digital files?ReplyCancel

          • Melissa Ayad - Hi,
            Can I have a quote please for a newborn session?
            Thanks MelissaReplyCancel

          • Kara - Hi, could you please send me the price list for newborn shoot? I’m due beginning of November. ThankyouReplyCancel

          • Emily - Hi my bub is 13 days old and I would like to book in for a session asap, could you please let me know of your available and price? Thank youReplyCancel

          • Tara - Hi,
            Could you please kindly send me your price list?


          • Juanita - Hi could you please email your price list for maternity and newborn photosReplyCancel

          • Sylvia - I’m due JAnuary 2016. Can you please provide a price list. ThanksReplyCancel

          • Widia - Hi Deanna
            Could you please send over information on how does it cost for a newborn session? Whether we could take couple of family shoots in between? And what the package inclusive of?
            Thank youReplyCancel

          • Amie - Hi

            Can you please email me your price list for a newborn session?

            Thanks AmieReplyCancel

          • Kristina - Hi, could you please email me the price list.ReplyCancel

          • Sarah Johns - Hi,

            How much do you charge for:
            – Newborn Session
            – Baby Session (approx. 4-5 months old)

            And do you offer Gift Vouchers?

            Many Thanks,

          • chloe - hi I am interested in a newborn photography session for around mid Jan 17, can you please advise availability? thanksReplyCancel

          • Ashlee Hodge - Looking for prices regarding newborn baby for session and images on a USB. Baby is due on the 12/01/2017. Thanks AshleeReplyCancel

          • Tirsa - Hi, how much is for newborn session with 2 big brothers (age7 and 12). I would probably only need 2 pictures
            Thank youReplyCancel

          • Nina - Hi can you please email me ur pricing list for new born photos.. Thanks allot love ur work..ReplyCancel

          • Helen Ramos - Hi would love more info for newborn photography including the rest of our family.ReplyCancel

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